Zuckerberg, Biden, and the FBI

While participating in the popular Joe Rogan podcast last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg went there with some eye-catching finds. The Facebook chief is back on the 2020 campaign trail, insisting on the warnings being sent out by the FBI.

The Federal Agency was going to take care of two files: the intervention of Russia, and then the forgetting of the contents of the famous laptop in a repairman by the president’s son.

Zuckerberg’s words

So let’s take the time to go back to the words of the first leader of Facebook. First of all, there was already an intervention from Russia in 2016. This intervention particularly affected social networks, including Facebook. Should we really be surprised that the agency requires more vigilance?

While it goes without saying that we are trying to protect the electoral process and limit the spread of misinformation, only the issue of the president’s son deserves our attention. Once again, the shadow of Hunter Biden hangs over his father’s presidency. I’ve written about it many times before. over hereAnd the over here And the over here.

Hunter Biden

AFP photo archive

Hunter Biden

Again, despite what Trump supporters like or a post like New York PostStill, it’s hard to say that two Bidens or the FBI tried to bury the story and that the current administration might be illegal.

First of all, Zuckerberg talked about the famous laptop only after his revival in this topic. Prior to that, he had only asserted the FBI’s role with regard to propaganda and disinformation. Even when he answers a question about the laptop, he remains ambiguous.

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Did Zuckerberg stop trading an article from Mail Contain relevant information about the illegal activities of Hunter Biden? Yes and no. The FBI’s warnings were not specifically about the president’s son, but his story fits the nature of the warnings.

How do FBI leaders respond when asked about Zuckerberg’s comments? Their role with a private entity is limited to warnings. Facebook is certainly not the only company to receive it and Zuckerberg confirms that if it reduces the appearance of an article Mailcontinued to circulate.

A game-changing interview?

If the exchanges between Rogan and Zuckerberg got people talking, nothing big would come of it. We will continue to compare the real and documented actions of many members of the Trump administration with the personal mistakes of the current president’s son.

As of this writing, Hunter Biden, who has been very harmful to his father, is under investigation and there is no evidence to support further wrongdoing or possible criminal activity by Joe Biden. Of course this is what we say if we still trust in institutions and above all in facts.

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