Zack Snyder’s Justice League will last for 4 hours and will be divided into chapters – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – between the lines

After the release of Zack Snyder’s official Justice League trailer, his boss, director Zack Snyder himself, as well as his wife Deborah Snyder (producer) continue to share new information about the film, from its breakdown by seasons to its international distribution, as well as some curiosity to heal in the middle of the pandemic.

Premiere on HBO

As was confirmed long ago, the new version of Justice League will have a total duration of 4 hours not including the credits, a record in superhero cinema; Yes, despite the discontinuation of the short series format, the film will eventually be divided into four thematic chapters, each with its own title, and can be accessed through its trademarks in the film itself. That’s what Zach Snyder explained in a recent interview.

“There are different markers on the timeline that allow you to go through each episode. I think it’s great because we wanted to make sure that if you didn’t want to see it all at once, you could go and see it just the way you wanted without feeling lost. When it’s four o’clock, it’s hard Find out where we lost the thread, “the director explains.

On the other hand, Zack Snyder criticized the international distribution plan for the film. Once its theatrical release has been ruled out, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will arrive via HBO Max in the US, where it will be shown on different platforms depending on the presence of HBO in each country. For example, Latin America will have to wait for the HBO Max premiere in June.

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Finally, Snyder commented on some intriguing things about the cover photography at the end of last year, such as groups divided by colors (red, yellow and green) according to the level of health precautions in each of them. Actors, for example, worked on the red group, for example

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