Yvan Fournier asks Jean-Michel Blanquer to reform school sports

The Frenchman, who was transferred to the New York Knicks in early August, first responded to the minister on Twitter, explaining that the school had “Under any circumstances” Contributed to his basketball practice at a high level. “Our sports culture at school is disastrous”, he added.

On Monday, Fournier wanted to advance his argument a little further by publishing a column directed at Blanquer in the columns of a newspaper. Huffington Post. It reminds us that the effect of EPS on the performance of the best French athletes is “minimum”Access to sports is unequal according to the means available to schools. “It wasn’t the few hours a week I did physical exercise in my college schedule that made me want to play basketball”, he adds.

Changing the place of sports in schools

With these observations, the basketball player wishes to challenge the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports about the necessity of reforming the sports system in France, “Improving consideration and access to sport in our schools”. in front of the arena “satirical” Sports in French schools, Fournier preaches “Increasing access to culture and sports”.

So occupy this sport ‘A more important place in the education system’The new Knicks player said to himself “We are ready to receive (Jean-Michel Blanquer) in New York during the season to continue this exchange.”.

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