Yuga Chaso wins US Women’s Open

(San Francisco) Yuga Sasuke had a bird in the third hole of overtime to beat NASA Hatoka at the US Women’s Open on Sunday.

Josh Dubo
Associated Press

Despite having two double bogeys at the start of the round, Saso was able to force an extra-time presentation. She secured her victory by stopping 10 feet into the ninth hole.

Chaso is proud to be the first female golfer from the Philippines to win a major competition. She is the second 19-year-old to win the US Women’s Open since Inby Park in 2008.

Hatoka and Saso both played equally on the ninth and 18th in the first two overtime holes.e. In ninth place for the deciding hole, Sasuke benefited with his bird.

American Lexi Thompson, who started the final round first, collapsed.

Thompson, who has played Plus-5 in his last seven holes, saw his five-stroke lead early in the set decline. He finished third, a stroke behind Sasso and Hatoka, minus-3.

Only Megan Kang and Shanshan Feng finished under-two.

Brooke M. of Canada. Henderson finished seventh in the Plus-1 in 70 games on Sunday.

Amateur Mega Conne started in the last group and handed over 77 people. The 17-year-old golfer, who shared the match lead with 67 runs after the first round, finished the match. Match at 14 p.m.e Ranking in Plus-3.

Quebec Nomi Barre, Ontario Rebecca Lee-Bentham and British Colombian Megan Osland also competed but failed to qualify for the weekend.

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