YouTube Music for Wear OS is finally here, but not for all watches

The YouTube Music app for Wear OS is for the latest version of the OS. However, at the moment, only the new Samsung Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are eligible to receive it.

The new YouTube Music app for Wear OS 3.

New YouTube Music app for Wear OS 3. // Source: Frandroid

To many subscribers youtube musicThere is no dedicated app on the connected watches you work under Wear OS It can be frustrating. Finally, Mountain View decided to introduce its own app music streaming service, but this will only be reserved for the new version of the OS, Wear OS 3.

Obviously, at the time of writing, only new Samsung watches, and Galaxy Watch 4 et Watch 4 Classic can take advantage of it. Although the mentioned watches will be marketed from August 27th.

limited experience

The app in question allows YouTube Music subscribers to download their music directly to their watch. It is enough to go on the mop with only your watch and helmet, leaving your smartphone at home for example.

It just so happened that we have one of the latest Samsung watches under editorial review right now, and the app is already available on the Play Store.

On the Play Store, YouTube Music is well compatible with the latest Samsung watch.

On the Play Store, YouTube Music is well compatible with the latest Samsung watch. // Source: Frandroid

According to the site 9to5Google However, downloads can only be played while the watch is charging.

Another small disappointment, it seems we can’t go back to the playlist’s content before we started downloading it. laboratory 9to5Google It also couldn’t find a way to stream music from the app. This means that we can only listen to previously downloaded titles.

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The fact that the app is available for such a small number of devices can indicate that this is the first release that will be improved over time.

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