YouTube Exec says 25% of all watch hours are spent on music

Image credit: Christian Wediger

The commercial director of the Google-owned video-sharing platform revealed that 25% of YouTube watch hours are listening to music, for more than 250 million hours of music consumption per day.

YouTube’s chief commercial officer (and former VP of content at Netflix) Robert Kinkel revealed the impressive ratio at the Royal Television Society’s Cambridge conference, which kicked off today. Titled “Broadcast Britain: Remaking Britain on the World Stage,” the YouTube-sponsored event featured speakers including former TikTok boss Kevin Mayer and former Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden. (However, Dowden’s sudden exit from the position prompted press secretary John Whittingdale to speak.)

Regarding the distribution of watch hours on YouTube, Robert Kinkel told RTS that a quarter of the platform’s global watch time is now attributable to music, with an additional 25% coming from media companies and the remaining half coming from user-generated content.

Taking into account the statement by Philip Schindler, a Google official, that “more than a billion hours of video are watched per day” on YouTube in the second quarter of 2021, users spend more than 250 million hours per day listening to music on the service.

YouTube Music Time Watch stats are especially important given the proliferation of dedicated music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music — not to mention the popularity of satellite radio, traditional radio, podcasts, and various forms of audio entertainment.

Additionally, it stands to reason that a significant portion of YouTube creator content also includes music and music-related media, even though this is not the subject of current production, meaning that over 25% of Google’s watch hours may include exposure. for songs.

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Although there are several UGC and Media Company clips on YouTube, other evidence also indicates that music is still an integral part of the platform’s offerings. “Song” is definitely still the most searched term on YouTube, according to Hootsuite.

Additionally, the number noted by Kyncl provides insight into YouTube’s announcement earlier this month that Premium and Music had attracted a total of 50 million paying users, up from 30 million in November 2020.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the YouTube Short topped 15 billion daily views in the last quarter, according to Alphabet’s recent performance analysis. Despite this, a recent study found that ByteDance’s TikTok, while ranking behind YouTube itself in terms of total watch hours, has overtaken the video-sharing service in terms of average watch time per user in the US and UK.

YouTube reported in the second quarter of 2021 that it generated more than $7 billion from ads alone, an increase of roughly $3.19 billion over the same period in 2020, which generated about $3.81 billion in revenue from YouTube ads.

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