YouTube announces the launch of YouTube Short in France

YouTube announces the launch of YouTube Short in France, a tool that allows anyone to create short and useful videos using just a mobile phone. It will be the trial version of YouTube Short Available to all users in France by Wednesday 14 July as part of its ongoing international reach in more than 100 countriesespecially from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

YouTube Short has already been launched in India, the United States, the United Kingdom and some Latin American countries, and it is popular with more and more users and Over 6.5 billion daily views worldwide.

The creators are already starting to find success With their shorts, like Bobby Moore Factswhich combines knowledge and entertainment; adventures and naps where Canadian Alanna shows her life in the UK; or string Jeremy Lynch With his videos on the football theme and his creative montages like this parody Mission: Impossible. In France graphics audience stifvo v All over the school world for teenagers took off very quickly, while the fashion and beauty channel Gabriel He scores great results.

On the occasion of its international spread, YouTube Short launches new options Like “Remix”, which allows you to take audio snippets from YouTube videos, or even the ability to add text, filters, or automatic subtitles. As designers and artists use shorts, the beta version will add more features.

On YouTube, artists and creators can access To a vast music library for their shorts, including millions of songs from the music catalogs of more than 250 companies and publishers around the world, such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Publishing, Warner Music Group or Warner Chappell Music.

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