Your questions, our answers | Vaccination Permit: Towards the end of the working period

The period for the implementation of the vaccination permit is approaching its end. From Wednesday, merchants and customers incur fines if they do not comply with applicable regulations. Take a look at some of the questions you sent us.

Judith LaChapelle

Judith LaChapelle

“We don’t have a smartphone, so we gave the restaurateur our proof of vaccination in reduced paper form to the copier. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Then I submitted the large format and it worked.” – Diane Dupont

In fact, you have to pay attention to the quality of printing the QR code on the paper. Reducing the size of a QR code in a camera can make the code more difficult to read, says the Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS). For a smaller size, it is best to download the Business Card format, which is one of the two formats available when you get your proof of vaccination from the online self-service portal. The crumpled or folded paper on the QR code will make it difficult for the app to read the code. Check VaxiCodeMerchants use it.

In addition, François Monnier, of the Restaurant Association of Quebec (ARQ), advises against wrapping your vaccine guide to prevent spoilage. Depending on the lighting, the reflections on the plastic interfere with the reading of the QR code. “We should use a plastic mat,” recommends people who want to protect their document. Or keep it in a plastic bag or can.

I have an iPhone SE that I put my QR code on with the app fax code. In practice, restaurants can’t decode my QR code, two out of three times. – Andre Tribanier

It’s hard to say why reading all the time doesn’t really work. The device model does not seem to be in question, answer us on MSSS. “During the pilot projects, no phone had trouble reading,” company spokesperson Robert Maranda wrote. It is suggested to ensure that both applications (fax code, used by the customer, and Check VaxiCode, used by the merchant) UPDATED – A new version was sent last week.

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Francois Meunier, of ARQ, reports that operational problems have been reported by restaurants using the app. Check VaxiCode on Android. These devices seem to have more difficulty reading the codes. We told the Ministry of Social Security and its technicians are working on it.

“I live in the United States, I do not have your vaccination passport. I received two vaccinations from Pfizer and I have a small card to prove it. Is it enough to be able to go with friends to dinner in the city?” – Jeanette

Usually yes, adding an identity document will suffice. People who have been adequately vaccinated outside Quebec cannot use the app fax code Or, get a QR code (unless you are located in Quebec and have registered your vaccine with the National Registry). To attend a place where a passport of vaccination is mandatory, they must present a photo ID with an address outside Quebec, as well as proof of official vaccination.

Note that QR codes issued by authorities other than the Quebec Ministry of Health (for example, QR codes available in France) cannot be read by the app. Check VaxiCode.

“Why haven’t governments implemented the International Vaccination Passport to facilitate our travels around the world?” – Manon

In fact, you don’t have to leave the country to face this kind of problem: within Canada, each province pilots its own vaccination campaign and submits its own vaccination guide according to its own rules. But other provinces, such as Ontario and British Columbia, will also apply the vaccine passport with a QR code. The Department of Social Security says it is working “with the federal government and other provinces on this matter.” Ultimately, the QR codes provided by the various provinces will be readable and recognizable across the country. It is already the beginning…

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“I don’t have a mobile phone, can I upload my proof of vaccination to my husband?” – Madeleine Bellon

Yes, it is possible to register several evidence of vaccination in the application fax code Installed on a mobile device. Just follow this process:

See guidelines for adding multiple guides to vaccination at fax code

“Is getting COVID-19 through full immunization (two doses) the same as a third dose of the vaccine?” – Pierre Desforge

Too few studies have been done on this hypothesis to be able to answer with certainty, notes Drs Nicolas Brusseau, of the National Public Institute of Quebec (INSPQ). “There have been a lot of studies about how much protection a dose of the vaccine provides after infection with COVID-19, but very little on the contrary. This is why INSPQ recommends that people who have contracted COVID-19 after receiving their first dose get their second dose.

Studies have shown that people who contracted the virus and then received one dose of the vaccine have at least as good immune protection as people who received two doses of the vaccine. Infected vaccinators, if we can call them that way, are considered ‘adequately vaccinated’ in Quebec after a single dose, which is not the case elsewhere in the country – other provinces have preferred to give two doses to all. the scientist. , to avoid confusing the population by passing two different instructions.

So, are two doses of the vaccine and one infection the same as three doses of the vaccine? “I think infection will provide an additional degree of protection,” the doctor said. At the same level as a third dose of the vaccine? Therefore, it will be necessary to wait for the result of other studies.

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