Your eyes reveal almost all the secrets about your identity

Eye tracking is a technology that is widely used in research and is increasingly seen in consumer products, such as virtual or augmented reality headsets, and even the iPhone. However, it collects a large amount of information that can be used to learn a lot about user privacy.

The eyes Are they really Mirror Spirit? In any case, they allow a lot to be known about you According to an articlePosted on Privacy and Identity Department. Data for a Better Life: Artificial Intelligence and PrivacyWho cares about it Trace l’eyeOr, eye measurement in French. Tracking technology movement The lens is gaining popularity not only for research, but also for virtual or augmented reality, and is of particular interest to advertisers.

Eye tracking tracks the movement of your eyes, so you can control devices with your eyesight and analyze how they’re doing. However, this technology actually captures a lot of information that tells us a lot about you. In accordance with Article, l’oculométrie « Contains information about the user’s vital identity, gender, age, ethnicity, weight, personality traits, and consumption habits DrugsEmotional status, preparations, fears, sexual interests and preferences. »

As if that weren’t enough, eye movements can also reveal some cognitive impairments, such as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder (TOC), les Parkinson’s disease orAlzheimer, Or the Schizophrenia.

Gaze movements can be used to get to know you

These conclusions are made possible because eye tracking not only captures the location of the gaze as coordinates. This technology also records Duration Linking missions, Fools, Beside Speed And faster eye movements. It can also detect breadth Pupils, an indication of sexual excitement, drug abuse, fear or even brain damage.

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The Eye tracking cameras It can also be recorded whether the eyes are red, dry or watery, and analyzed the color And the Texture From’iris. They can even capture facial expressions and body movements. EyebrowsAnd skin color and the shape of the eyes and the presence of wrinkles.

Certain characteristics of gaze, such as the speed or path of movements or pupil reaction, are unique to each individual and can be used to define them in the same way as Digital print. It is enough to use a simple smartphone camera! Additionally, eye tracking naturally opens the way to Identify the iris of the eye, A biometric technology that analyzes the unique pattern of each individual.

Intrusion into privacy

The Eye movements They are valuable indicators of how one thinks, and they are used in research in recalling memories, problem solving, learning processes, inner thinking, and mental arithmetic. Outlook monitoring in daily tasks allows users to assess the five key personality traits (Your palm), In addition to other features likeIntelligenceAnxiety or aggression.

Eye tracking is a lot of developments, especially for Virtual or augmented reality devices, With devices able to anticipate your next actions or animate your avatar more faithfully. However, the privacy risks are significant. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covers some of this information in Europe, but a new regulatory framework will be needed to protect users from abuse.

What to remember

  • Eye tracking, or eye metering, records much more than eye movements.
  • Certain eye movements are unique to each individual, such as a fingerprint.
  • Movement analysis can learn a lot about an individual’s personality.
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