your colors. Tennis courts will be replaced by cultural space soon?

The tennis courts must disappear to make way for the future cultural space of Plumore Bodø. © Le Tregor

in the last council Plumor BodoThe mayor, Jervis Egault, has returned to the final draft of the future cultural space, previously presented to the commission by Atelier Rubin on December 7. This should be space It replaces the existing tennis courts.

Business finance

The initial estimate set at €1,500,000 now stands at €1,650,000 excluding VAT for business, 150,000€ excluding tax for furniture and 35,000€ excluding tax, because since the first drawing the BT01 has increased by 10%. The construction work will be scheduled in two phases during 2023 and 2024.

Then the mayor introduces Funding plan Different expectations and possibilities. DETR, DSIL, Region, LTC Competition Fund, District Territory Contract, DRAC-DGD, will be requested with a loan of €800,000.

“The only thing gained is the CDT (Regional Development Contracts) that we propose to use in full,” specifies the mayor, who adds, “We have proven our ability to borrow and have restored the level at the beginning of our term.”

What about tennis courts?

For a councilor worried about existing tennis courts having to give way to cultural space, the mayor admits “there’s still Determine and find the location of the future land“.

The preliminary draft and financing plan are approved unanimously.

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