You: What’s in Store for Season 4 on Netflix

“I would like to do a season in Europe! I think it will be very interesting…”

The end of season 3 of You are It was really painful. But the series does not end there. Netflix recently ordered the fourth season of You are. And ideas are already circulating for this new chapter in Joe’s life. Attention spoilers!

No showrunner Sierra Gamble Explains to TVLine Which, at first, would like to change the scene: “Every season we go to a new place, a new love story with lowercase A. And I’d like to do a European season. I think that’s going to be a lot of fun. One of the questions that piques our interest is ‘year’ after year, which group of super scoundrels we want to send Joe Then? And there are a lot of untapped agglomerations in the world, if you just come out of the US border…”

Will he live a happy life on the ancient continent with that which seems to be the right life? “If he finds Jo Marian, he will live happily ever after and will have beautiful children with her. He will learn to speak French, he will become a writer, they will spend a lot of time along the Seine and they will send their children to school in Sweden.”, Laughs Ben Badgley Before correction:No, I think Joe will remain Joe. A very sick, disturbed, traumatized and violent person has a serious obstacle to him if he is able to heal and change. I don’t know if it is possible for someone who went this far elsewhere…”

The finale of the third season of YOU . has been decoded

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In fact, in what direction will this season 4 of You are ? “We joke with the authors saying that he will open a shelter to rescue abandoned dogs… but in fact I think the characters in this series are mirrors of each other”Show resumes. “Love was, in many ways, a frightening mirror for Joe. In another way, Marianne too. In some ways, they come from a very similar background. I think the term ‘soulmates’ is a problem, but in a world where it’s not unbalanced, they can really support each other, understand each other…”

Anyway, season 4 of You are It will be done without love, murdered by her psychotic lover in the third season finale: “It was clear. Of course they won’t stay together.”And Comments in Collider Ben Badgley, who wonders about the future that now awaits his alternate ego: “Can Joe find happiness? Is it wanted? This is perhaps the most important question that the series will seek to answer until the end (…) In the real world, where would someone like Joe go? Where is the justice for him and us? Is someone worthy? Like Joe to die? Yes. But is anyone worth killing him? I really think there is. Is the whole question.”

Furthermore, an actor You are He goes further in his thinking and considers that if Joe’sHe was tortured and killed by a woman in season 4, it justifies in his mind what he did! It was believed that he was the most persecuted man in history and would become a martyr for love. It’s kind of what he thinks in his head. It would therefore be interesting to discuss (with the authors) the following. Because next season could be very different. Totally different (…) I think he could be more focused on Joe’s relationship with himself. Because it’s not really a serial killer. Instead, it’s a series that tells us how we can push the mistakes we make in our relationships to the extreme, just in order to have a good story…”

This season 4 of You are It is expected in 2022 on Netflix.

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