You should soon be able to interact with your cartoon face

WhatsApp would like to let you reply with stickers representing your avatar. The novelty is still under development.

WhatsApp // Source: Unsplash Morizal Zativa

The avatar, in addition to being the name of a series of James Cameron films, the second of which is scheduled to be released soon, also determines the name of the future WhatsApp feature. Meta (formerly Facebook) continues to grow The WhatsApp By adding a large number of small features. And soon the Android app will let you reply with an avatar in your photo.

Location wabetainfocurrent affairs specialistMessaging appPhotos posted allow to imagine the look of future jobs a little.

WhatsApp should soon allow you to interact with stickers that represent you. // Source:

We can see that by entering its avatar, the app will automatically generate a set of related stickers, just as Samsung or Apple already offer them. Obviously, the avatar can be used as a profile picture. It will also be possible to make video calls by covering his face with his character.

meta and metaverse

Of course, these novelties aren’t entirely separate from the fact that Meta has a crazy ambition to develop the metaverse on which all of its growth in the next 10 years will be based. With this in mind, developing features that take advantage of the avatar that represents you will become eminently strategic.

as mentioned wabetainfoThe ability to create an avatar on WhatsApp is still under development. But we can probably imagine that Meta would like to centralize all of its services by offering a single avatar for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or even Horizon worlds.

Unfortunately, at this point, no release schedule for this feature has been shared by Menlo Park.

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