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By finding a rare shaped crisp in a package purchased at Aldi, this Englishwoman could have hit the jackpot. But his plan failed!

In the UK, an unusual competition would have allowed this Briton to get a tidy sum. She found herself on the verge of hitting the jackpot thanks to Aldi’s fragility. Wait, we explain everything to you!

Aldi, a good address to pamper your purchasing power

At Aldi, the deals run in March. While some families struggle to pay heating bills, which affects their purchasing power, the brand does its best to deliver A boost to budgets affected by inflation.

In fact, like Lidl, the discount brand also has a very simple policy. provide the best products to its customers, without being expensive.

A simple formula, but it’s been a long-running success for the German brand founded in France since 1988. To encourage you to come and shop in its stores, the brand has good deals lined up these days.

Recently, Aldi highlighted a very practical patio heater. This is perfect for enjoying their outdoor space in the spring, despite the still cool temperatures.

This inexpensive product is currently doing well with the supermarket chain. And it is far from being the only one. To protect you from the cold, Aldi also has what you need in the textile department.

Fashionistas looking for something to wear on their back on cooler weather days are in luck. For the opponent fills them with happiness with that soft and warm fleece which is not the envy of some models one can find in competition.

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In terms of food, Aldi is pretty strong too. The brand almost won a very large amount of money for a British customer a few days ago.

A raving contest is likely to pay off big

In the UK, a customer who came to shop with the brand had the good idea to buy a packet of crisps.

So far, nothing unusual, you will tell us. But wait for a continuation… because to his big surprise, by opening his packet of potato chips, Dawn Sagar was surprised to find him there A sample in the shape of … a heart!

Amused, the young woman immediately took a snapshot of the chips in question. Then, she shared it with her community on social networks.

Only here, upon discovering a photo of Dawn Sagar, her friends immediately told her of its existence The competition launched by the Walkers Chips brand.

the challenge ? Find the best heart-shaped chip in a box from the brand. As a result, the winner of the competition is likely to receive an amount 100 thousand pounds or 113 thousand euros.

But unfortunately for Dawn, her perfect chips in her Aldi box won’t earn her a penny the British way. And for good reason, because that’s… eat it!

However, the competition stipulated that the chips must be presented intact to the members of the jury. So it’s an unexpected amount that passes right under his nose!

A photo of the young woman will not be enough to validate her Aldi chips! And it’s a little infuriating when you know what little bundle of money you can bring him!

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