You can legally drive a Ford hands-free on UK motorways

Mustang Make-E Electric Ford Can be equipped with “BlueCruise” option United Kingdom From April. The American manufacturer is the first in the country to obtain an exemption that allows rotation of a vehicle where its driver is not required to hold the steering wheel. Because the device has already been tested free of charge by 500 British customers of the brand before allowing for a possible arrival in France and Germany.

If they are unconscious, motorists will have to pay £17.99 a month, or around €21, to drive hands-free. “BlueCruise”, already tested in the US in 2021, is configured to operate over 6,000 km.Highway British. Called “blue zones”, these sections of the expressway are all equipped with a central divider and four lanes.

The driver was checked by the camera

The system allows the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel, but not take their eyes off the road, for example looking at a screen or using their smartphone. “BlueCruise” ensures compliance with this rule, thanks to cameras and infrared sensors that monitor drivers. In the event of inattention, an audible message indicates “Watch the road, take back control.”

This device is designed to guide the car and move it on its own on approved highways. This ensures that the electric car stays in the middle of its lane and brakes if it slows down in front of it. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, is currently in talks with British authorities to add the ability to change lanes to overtake when the indicator is activated.

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