You can follow NASA satellites in real time thanks to this site

NASA has a site that allows you to see the movement of its satellites around the world in real time. What to take a bit of height and observe our planet from all angles.

Aura, Calypso, Suomi… If these names mean anything to you, you’re probably following NASA missions with great interest. Behind all these names is actually Satellites put into orbit by the US space agency. If you want to know where these ten eyes are in the world and what they can be used for, the site eyes on earth It is most likely yours. It allows you to see their movements in real time and learn more about various NASA missions. The site received an update recently. She indicated space agency on November 16, 2021.

Understanding satellite activity to understand the globe

Above a 3D representation of the globe, like Google Earth, we can see dozens of satellites dancing over the Earth. On November 19, 2021 at about 3 p.m., Aqua and Sumi were quietly flying over the North Pole, gathering information on the climate and ocean evaporation.

Because yes, in addition to seeing NASA’s machines move up planetThe site allows you to learn more about the usefulness of each of these satellites. Just click on it to get a quick summary of his mission. It is even possible to see the location of the International Space Station, If you want to observe the space station with the naked eye. By default, the satellite cadence is accelerated, but it is possible to manage it in the options to get a real-time view. You can actually time travel to see when a particular satellite will pass overhead. The site works neatly on mobile devices (iOS or Android), but offers a bit more possibilities for customization on a computer.

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NASA satellites flying over the globe // Source: NASA

NASA’s instrument is used for many things other than observing the dance of satellites over our heads. Different visualizations of the globe make it possible to see the air temperature, carbon monoxide concentration or the level of the oceans. All information accurately collected by various NASA satellites. It is also possible to create animations during specific periods to see the evolution of the data and the globe. For example, we can see the development of heat waves (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) over the African continent over the past 10 days (spoiler: it’s hot there).

Climate Change Alert

« The graphics are as rich as the data, allowing for a fascinating plunge into science, getting to know the planet better, and learning more about some of NASA’s many missions that track the health of the world. , refers to the US space agency on its website.

The 3D globe is also studded with small red dots representing the most recent major meteorological or climatic events, in order to provide atmospheric images on Forest fires in SiberiaAnd Forest fires in the Amazon or Wildfires in the United States. If you are in a less depressed mood, you can also note Phytoplankton development in different parts of the world.

Therefore, the NASA instrument is fascinating and a little alarming at the same time, as it allows to see the importance of space missions and to realize the damage caused to them. climate change.

See the world fromspace

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