You can finally use your account on several smartphones at the same time

WhatsApp may have just announced the official launch of one of the most anticipated features from the users. Now you can use your WhatsApp account simultaneously on multiple smartphones. This novelty is an integral part of the multi-device offering that WhatsApp has begun testing during 2021.

One WhatsApp account on four devices

Until now, in addition to a smartphone, it was only possible to use WhatsApp from a web browser, tablet or computer. From now on, your account can also be used on other smartphones, up to four devices. In the case of mobile, “each phone linked to WhatsApp independently” explains the messages on the dedicated blog post. All messages and media files included are automatically synced between all your connected devices, allowing you to resume your conversations at any time, regardless of the device in use. Obviously, everything remains end-to-end encrypted, and to ensure the security of your exchanges, WhatsApp has planned to disconnect all your linked devices if your main smartphone remains inactive for too long. Meta, the messaging’s parent company, also published in 2021 Tech blog post Explain in detail how WhatsApp multi-device mode works.

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The feature, which has long been requested by users, should also benefit business users. The feature, which is also integrated into WhatsApp Business, will allow small businesses to use multiple smartphones to cater to customers on the same account.

WhatsApp actually started testing the feature a few months ago, on iOS and Android, with beta versions of its apps. The feature is now rolling out to devices around the world. However, the rollout should happen over several weeks, so it might be necessary for you to have some patience before seeing it land on your smartphone.

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If you are lucky enough to be one of the first users to be serviced, you can easily link your WhatsApp account on other smartphones by following our tutorial.

A new way to get on the web

WhatsApp also took advantage of this announcement to reveal the upcoming arrival of a new way to link your WhatsApp account on other devices. Until now, your account could only be linked to another device after scanning a QR code, especially on WhatsApp Web. From now on, just like on your smartphone, you will be able to enter your phone number to receive a one-time code to verify that your account is connected to the new device.

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