You can experience spacewalks in virtual reality this summer in Montreal

For the first time, the public will be transported outside the International Space Station using videos shot in 3D and virtual reality in 360 degrees. The creators want to let him observe Earth from space, an experience many astronauts describe as transformative.

Cameras from the Felix & Paul studio also filmed the launch of Artemis I, the first mission to send astronauts to the moon since the end of the Apollo program in the early 1970s.

Shortly before the shoot last fall, the Montreal firm’s creative director, Felix Liones, expressed his desire to document the history of space with techniques far more advanced than those that produced the famous black-and-white photographs from 1969.

The Artemis I unmanned rocket lifted off November 16 in Florida.

Photo: ap via getty Images / JIM WATSON

Today, we are dealing with a new generation through new technologies. To be able to do it in a completely immersive way, to be able to go beyond the screen and bring the spectators in to live the experience as if it were there, we find it an important development.He said.

Experience Space explorers : endlesswhich will be presented until July 5, will also allow the public to discover the daily lives of astronauts on the International Space Station.

The previous version of the exhibition, Space Explorers: The International Space Station ExperienceAnd He traveled to many major American cities, such as Houston, Seattle, and San Francisco, and was visited by approximately 250,000 people. It is the greatest media feat ever filmed in space.

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