Yobe! Among the worst mascots in the NHL

Poll results released during the holiday season are unpleasant for you! Because the orange character is among the worst mascots in the National Hockey League (NHL), according to fans interviewed in Canada and the United States.

So Play Canada presented the conclusions of a Digital Third Coast agency investigation last August and for the overall rating of Bettman’s Circle mascots, Habs ranks 27 out of 30 with a rating of 3.11. Stinger, of the Columbus Blue Jackets, is the worst with a 2.83 out of 5 rating. Harvey the Hound (Calgary Flames) and Spartacats (Ottawa Senators) have 2.94 and 3.00.

In contrast, some Canadian fans will be disappointed to learn that the best-viewed of Carlton the Bear (Toronto Maple Leafs) is 3.81, followed by Sabretooth (Buffalo Sabers) at 3.74 and Holler Wolf (Arizona Coyote) at 3.73.

By the way, Yobi! It appears in the top five amulets that have the most “obnoxious” behavior in the eyes of more than 2,000 participants questioned. In fourth place, the character that evoked the Montreal Show was second only to the Gritti (Philadelphia Flyers), Octopus (Detroit Red Wings) and Harvey the Hound. Billy (Los Angeles Kings) is close to the top five in this category.

Apparently, a survey conducted earlier in the year did not include the Seattle Kraken in this ranking. Also, the New York Rangers do not use any spell during their home games.

The best mascot

  • 1. Carlton the Bear (Maple Leafs, Toronto)
  • 2 – Sabretooth (Sabers de Buffalo)
  • 3. Howler the Coyote (Coyotes de l’Arizona)
  • 27. Yobe! (Canadian Montreal)
  • 30. Stinger (Blue Jackets de Columbus)
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The most hated amulets

  1. Gritti (Philadelphia Flyers)
  2. Octopus (Red Wings de Detroit)
  3. Harvey the Hound (Flames de Calgary)
  4. Yobe! (Canadian Montreal)
  5. Bailey (Kings of Los Angeles)

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