“Yes day” on Netflix: What if we stop saying “no” to our kids?

Do you dream of stopping saying “no” to your children ten times a day? Netflix did. The American platform just put online “Yes Day”, a cute and funny family comedy movie that will make little ones pretend and make them laugh out loud. Worn by Jennifer Garner (the star of “Elias” …), she is excellent in the role of the overwhelmed mother and the queen of “No”, the movie will also make the parents smile, who will feel a little lonely!

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Pictured, Alison Torres (Jennifer Garner) and her husband Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) show a perfect life: They are beautiful, like their three children, Katie, Nando and Ellie. They still look so in love and live in a beautiful home. Of course, relations are tense between a mother and her daughter who dreams of running away from the cocoon, but nothing is dangerous.

Say yes to everything and enjoy your time like never before

Everything changes when parents are called by teachers and Jennifer Garner finds herself shouting “No” to her kids in a videotape. The latter was signed by her 12-year-old son who does not hesitate to describe her as a dictator. It’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back: There’s no doubt she ends up being a hysterical mom on YouTube! Upset and exhausted, I decided to follow the teacher’s advice and agree to organize a “Yes Day”.

For twenty-four hours, parents pledge to respond positively to all requests of their children. Of course, there are rules: You cannot claim anything dangerous or illegal, budgets are limited and you cannot go more than 30 kilometers from the house. But above all, the family should have fun like never before.

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Good feelings, but a good story

Ice cream tasting competition, giant paintball game and a trip to the amusement park, the dream day is organized according to the wishes of the little ones. Unsurprisingly, he ends up derailed and then both parents become necessary … even if the movie is full of good feelings and even if the cliché is caught with a shovel, this is a family comedy that we can watch with the young, from the age of 5 years. A year, it can be seen with pleasure.

The story goes well and the cast all catch the way, starting with Jennifer Garner as the untied mom and Gina Ortega playing her rebellious teen. Banning a one-day “no” seems to liberate children and give them a brief sense of independence … however, many will claim a “yes day” after watching this movie. They will be reminded that sometimes adults are just right to say no!

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Editor’s note: 3/5

‘A day of yes’By Miguel Arteta (2001) with Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez, Gina Ortega, Julian Lerner and Everly Carganella … 86 million. Southern Netflix.

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