Yelly, the French dating app that got hacked

It was launched just a few weeks ago for the interest of middle school, high school, and college students, and it temporarily rose to the top downloads from the Apple Store.

Get to know your future buddies before the start of the school year? It’s now possible with Yelly, this modern French app. Overlapping on Facebook and LinkedIn, it targets young adults between the ages of 13 and 25. In college, high school or student, the platform helps eliminate the stress of going back to school and “build your future“His talk to the people of his age.

Originally, three co-founders, Samuel Chakroun, Pierre Trebondo, and Camille Zaira, are all 27 years old. These entrepreneurship profiles built various projects while they were in business school, before they got together behind Yelly.

“This is a network for students where they are offered to be something other than Snapchat or Instagram users, with a benevolent and safe space”

Samuel Chakroun, CEO of Yeli

On June 20, a web platform was created, before being transformed on August 13 into a smartphone application, which is more practical for its users. For a few days, it climbed to the top of the free apps ranking on the App Store, ahead of WhatsApp, TikTok or Instagram. Today, Yili recordsSeveral thousand downloads

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