Yard Act: Le Clip de Rich

Yard Act has just completed a series of out of stock concerts on its first UK tour.

Regarding this new song, James Smith explains: “rich“He is the natural heir to”paydayIt’s the end of the story, isn’t it? Success! Platform! Security! Except there’s always more money to be made, and you’re considered a failure if your life starts to turn in the direction it came from. It’s about getting lost so much that you’re sure to know exactly where you are and how I got there. I also wrote it because I thought it would be so funny if the Yard Act would make so much money after writing an anti-capitalist concept album. It would be funny if I sang this song on stage when I made a fortune.”

He explains, “At worst it doesn’t make sense, at best it sounds pretentious, but that’s the point I try to make when I write anything, really.” Only it really makes sense if you leave out the parts that don’t align with what you’re trying to do. I’m as hypocritical as anyone else. I don’t have the answers and I’m just trying my best. But it won’t be good enough. Enjoy the ride, life is short and you never know what to expect around the corner.”

The accompanying video is the group’s fourth collaboration with director James Slater and his production team after ‘payday“,”overload‘ And ‘Land of the Blind‘, and expands the world and characters created by the Yard Act.
Led by James Smith on vocals and Ryan Needham on bass, the four current members, as well as Sam Shippton on guitar and Jay Russell on drums, have built a sound that speaks substantively about their hometown of Leeds.

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