Yan Bellerin has his belt! | Sports East Sound

sIlrin, 41, defeated American Steve Walker after the referee was suspended in the middle of the second round of the match scheduled for 8 pm on Saturday in Derry, New Hampshire.

“I’m happy, I’m proud,” Pellerin said when he left the ring. I’m glad I beat an experienced man, a guy who fought with great boxers, who came here to fight. “

Because according to Pellerin, Walker, even at 44, still has very fast hands and a good punch.

“He started the fight really well, and made a few good shots when he left. I, in the first round, basically tried to fix the jab. In the second, I worked more on Walker the body and when the great opportunity arose, I took advantage of it.

Pellerin hit Walker (26-37) hard straight from the right at the height of the solar plexus and collapsed a Missouri boxer, who suffered a ninth straight loss. Again after the count of eight, he saw the referee stop the fight after Bellerin had hit him on his body again.

“I think Walker, after his attacks in the first round, had plans to extend the fight as much as possible given that he has a long experience in fights and I don’t. I was willing to fight for a long time, but I didn’t have to …”

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