Xiaomi smartphone suspected of exploding for no reason


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Does Xiaomi have any reason to worry? One of its smartphones exploded for the third time this year. This is the Poco M3. An unfortunate owner shared photos of his device.

Sometimes electronic things can ignite and then explode. Rare cases are often associated with improper use (defective or unapproved charger, too much power, etc.). Even smartphones have had terrible mishaps like the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung, which is said to be the Galaxy S23 Photographic revolutionAfter several cases, I decided to permanently withdraw the phone from sale. while out from Xiaomi 12 Coming close, Xiaomi unfortunately has to deal with a blast ring for one of its models. More precisely, the Poco M3 as explained by a user on Twitter.

Unexplained explosion of the Xiaomi smartphone

be careful. This story does not mean that the Xiaomi smartphone has a problem. It may be a solo event but many media outlets are reporting this dramatic Christmas story to say the least. Poco M3 owner shares above photos of his model that exploded without warning. It is the third aircraft to catch fire this year. Xiaomi risks investigating these cases which are numerous enough to worry about. According to Subhan Khan on Twitter, Poco M3 for four months of use suddenly appears to catch fire when placed on a table. On the other hand, we don’t know if the smartphone is to blame.

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Because if the Poco M3 is charging, it is likely that the smartphone is the victim of an external problem. Connectors/cables are damaged, not conforming to standard specifications, modified, etc. is it xiaomi To find out the source of the phone explosion. Remember that earlier this year, another package caught fire. The Chinese company simply blamed the owner. Another was also a victim in addition to the Redmi 8 and Redmi Note 9 Pro. A very complicated year for Xiaomi. Note that all the above mentioned incidents occurred in India. The Indian branch of the automaker contacted the unhappy owner to investigate the matter.

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