Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold promises to be particularly powerful


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Xiaomi has extensively tested its first foldable smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. And it turned out really powerful!

Xiaomi, Since last month, one of the few technology manufacturers to introduce a foldable smartphone, Lu Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. A smartphone everyone who knows the habits of Xiaomi expects in terms of price, as the manufacturer is known for its affordable prices more than competitors. But if the prices can be lowered, some may fear that this is at the cost of the quality of the phone. In response to any criticism in this area, Xiaomi has tested the resistance of its foldable smartphone … and we should not be disappointed!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold folded 400,000 times

In fact, as we can see in this image, which was posted on the Chinese social network Weibo, Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold withstood the test folded 400,000 times. Which, according to the technology giant, will give it exceptional durability of up to 10 years. Note that the test has been conducted for 7 days in a row in China, with particularly aggressive openings and closures. What do you expect more force in the normal situation! Plus, if you want to have a foldable smartphone now, we remind you Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is currently for sale.

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