Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès: Witnesses say they saw the fugitive after a documentary aired on Netflix

The Netflix documentary Unsolved Mysteries dedicated an episode to the disappearance of Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès. led to the appearance of a report in Chicago.

Watch the wanted fugitive from France in Chicago? Netflix Documentary Unsolved mysteries He tells his story. To be a man suspected of disappearing after killing his wife and children.

series of reports

Several reports have been submitted to US authorities by people who say they have seen Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. One of these reports, received by the director of the documentary, stated that several people saw the fugitive in Chicago (Illinois), as reported by our colleagues from independent.

He really looked like Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès, he was amazing!

The director explained to the media Miscellaneous: “In Chicago some people who had just seen the episode were on Lake Shore Drive, when they heard someone speaking French and watched him. They sent us a picture of him and he really looked like Xavier Dupont. About Legones, it was amazing! And so I point it out.”

A track that was introduced a year ago, but hasn’t offered anything yet.

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