“Wow, marry me!”: She added her credit score for finding love online

TikToker has added its credit rating to its Hinge profile in hopes of attracting a financially savvy one.

The results of this initiative did not take long to show themselves, and for the better!

“I added my credit score to my hinge profile, and here’s how it went,” the Boston woman, better known online as Spreadsheet Shan, wrote in a video that has been viewed more than 1.3 million times this week.

The 26-year-old boosted her dating profile with a screenshot of her credit score of 804.

Image from TikTok | spreadsheet

Remember that a score of 670 is considered “good”.

The young woman made the decision because she wanted to meet a man who “respects and appreciates the hard work” she does, she told the newspaper on Thursday.

Many potential partners applied with enthusiasm.

“All I ever needed to see. A drink next Thursday?” replied a bachelor named Aaron.

Another exclaimed, “I am marrying a saint.”

A man named Jeremy commented: “I’m excited.”

“Hot,” said Chris simply.

“Wow,” Logan wrote.

“I feel like there is more to my pictures, so I wanted to test them out… and it worked! I really liked the funny answers I got,” the young woman commented.

Netizens praised the designer’s genius, while others weren’t sure that she would attract senior men with this information.

“My credit is 829,” one woman joked, “but I feel like it will attract all the broken men.”

Another joked, “They should respond with their credit score.”

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