World Cup 2026: Tax exemption for FIFA

Canada has provided several guarantees to FIFA to host the 2026 World Cup, including tax exemption.

And as the National Post learned on Monday, such a measure is only one of the few favors the host country association of governments expects. Canada would have approved these measures in 2018.

The tax exemption will be applied not only at the federal level, but also at the provincial and municipal level.

Among FIFA’s many other demands, governments must also allow FIFA executives, as well as members of each team, to travel freely without a visa. In addition, each state must ensure that there is no law prohibiting the sale of any product to supporters. Each country is also responsible for out-of-pocket spending to ensure security around competition-related events.

Canada, the United States and Mexico will jointly present the 2026 edition. Of all the matches, Canada will present about ten, which are expected to be split between Edmonton and Toronto, as Montreal withdrew due to concerns. costs surrounding the event.

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