Work: a sensitive factor in the event budget

Being an integral part of the list of needs during an event project, the workforce takes an important place in the post-Covid era. Hotels and other event venues have new protocols to follow. Which leads them to hire more employees. However, this also affects the budget.

The cost implications do not apply only to event venues. Planners must also adjust their budgets. The usual workforce is no longer sufficient. If you are planning to organize an event soon, we advise you to prepare for it.

Increase workforce, positive and negative

Increasing workforce at event venues means planners won’t complain anymore Staff shortage. The Staff growth may continue Until 2022 In hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. Even some companies that receive massive influx of people every day are considering opting for the same practice.

So good news for job seekers. But this workforce It also increases costs. There are more people who have to pay their salaries at the end of the month. In the United States, for example, the Department of Labor has found 15% increase in weekly wages in the leisure and hospitality sectors.

This means that venue providers will Increase their bills. The amount allocated to the workforce will change depending on the appointments. So be prepared for future negotiations.

Note, however, that this observation is not infallible. Some places are still in Staff shortage Due to the resumption of some cancellations and postponements. Reservations are not promising enough to afford more spending.

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