Wordle: What is this new game everyone is talking about?

This is the online game everyone is talking about on social media. Wordle invites you to play with the letters and spark the curiosity of crossword puzzle and Motus fans. But why is it so successful, even in France, when it is aimed only at an English-speaking audience?

Game created in 2020

We owe Wordle to Josh Wardle. A British engineer living in the United States enjoyed playing a pun between his last name and Kalima, which means “word” in the Shakespearean language. Created during the first festivities of 2020 across the Atlantic, Wordle had the idea of ​​creating this addictive game by watching his companion enjoying a New York Times crossword puzzle. According to the Daily Telegraph, which provides a long-form thread on the Wordle phenomenon, more than 300,000 players daily participate in this online game, which runs on a dedicated webpage, without the need to download a mobile app.

How do you play?

To develop Wordle’s rules, Josh Wardle was inspired by Lingo, the American equivalent of the game show Motus in France. To play it, nothing could be simpler, the game does not require any initial registration and is completely free. Just go to the official website Available here. But be warned, you need a correct level of English to hopefully shine there.

According to the rules detailed above in the English language, it is convenient to find a five-letter word. And you have six attempts to find it. If the letter is in the right place of the word, it appears in green, if it is in the word to search but is not in the right place, it appears in golden yellow, if not. Word, shown in grey.

There is a numeric keypad below the word grid and you just have to enter the different letters to play. Once the attempts are complete, you can then share your stats and results (winning or not) on social networks. This is how we see many tweets bloom as netizens share their addiction to this game.

How to win?

Unless you know the English dictionary by heart and specifically the five letter words, we invite you to go to yougowords and choose the list of English words in 5 letters Available here. If this list is long – you will realize it – this list makes it possible to begin further research on the words of the Shakespearean language with invaluable clues, and by proceeding systematically by removal.

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