Women’s World Hockey Championship | Mary-Philip Pauline is not against America

(Calgary) Canadian team captain Mary-Philippe Pauline will not be in uniform against the United States on Thursday after suffering a chest injury while blocking a shot at the World Women’s World Hockey Championship.

According to Hockey Canada national team manager Gina Kingsbury, Paul feels better than she did on Tuesday, with a powerful shot to her chest in the third season against Switzerland, but be careful.

“She’s fine. She’s in good spirits, but as a group, as a group, we think it’s necessary to give her a few days off and reconsider her condition.”

Canada and the Americans, the defending champions, lead Group A with a 3-0 record.

Paul has scored one goal and two assists in three games in the tournament.

Canada were three-for-five against Switzerland when a powerful toe hit their upper chest. She returned to the bench in pain.

Paulin missed most of the 2019 tournament at the Espoo in Finland due to a knee injury.

The 30-year-old player from Piusville has been recognized as one of the best players under pressure with the Canadian team.

He scored both goals in Canada’s 2-0 victory over the United States in the final of the 2010 Olympics.

Four years later Paul bowled twice in the Olympic final at the Sochi Games, scoring late in the game and scoring the winning goal in extra time against the Americans.

Finland has a reason to celebrate

Finland tasted victory for the first time when they beat Russia 4-0 on Wednesday.

Petra Niminen led the Finns (1-2) with two goals.

Photo by Jeff Mensintosh, Canadian Press

Petra Niminen, or Center.

Susanna Tabani and Jennina Nyland also scored and Michael Corvinon made two assists.

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Annie Kisala blocked every 13 blows of the Russians.

Valeria Mercuseva was sent off after conceding three goals in nine shots. She was replaced by Nadezhda Morozova, who made eight savings.

Russia finished the opening round of Group A with a score of 1-3.

Finland face Switzerland (0-3) on Thursday in a meeting to decide third place in Group A.

The quarterfinals will take place on Saturday, followed by the semifinals on Monday and the medal round on Tuesday.

Dominika Laskova scored twice and the Czech team beat Germany 2-0 to finish first in Group B.

They also avoid playing against Canada or the United States in the quarterfinals.

In the last match of the day, Denmark and Hungary will fight for the first victory.

Switzerland have also announced that striker Alina Mல்லller will miss the rest of the tournament due to an ankle injury sustained Saturday against the Russians.

M முller was the leading scorer of the tournament in 2018, with seven goals and three assists in six games.

She was not in uniform when she lost 5-0 to Canada on Tuesday.

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