Women’s professional league, with or without NHL support

The Professional Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), which is organizing the event, is about to announce the creation of a cream pool rink on an international scale, Radio Canada has learned. Sports.

It’s only a matter of timedropped Marie Phillip Boleyn, sorry for not being able to reveal more.

The issue of financing and remuneration of hockey players was raised as an essential aspect of the project. Model Women’s National Basketball Association, in the United States, it is often mentioned. This department receives significant financial support from National Basketball Association.

Through its various teams, the National Hockey League (NHL) is also involved in the development of women’s sports. With the support of senators and penguins, games have been launched Professional Hockey Players Association It has been introduced in Ottawa, as well as in Pittsburgh over the past few weeks.

Hockey player Laura Stacy is thrilled to see her sport follow a basketball-like path in popularity.

It’s great to see what happens over the weekend here [à Verdun]. Seeing not only girls, but also boys who are interested in sports. Women’s basketball is growing tremendously right now and I think hockey is exactly the same way.Stacy male.

According to her, partnership with the men’s league is not a requirement indispensable condition.

We obviously appreciate the support of our male counterparts. This has been proven in the past, with all the difference in National Hockey League who took a step in the right direction to support us as athletes. We have an interest in it, but we also know our value, we know what we can do and what we can give ourselves.

We’re going to make the best league possible, no matter what. Yes Here National Basketball Association helped a lot Women’s National Basketball Associationbut there are several ways to do this. »

Quote from Laura Stacy, professional hockey player

Canada’s national team captain Marie Philippe Boleyn agrees that: You must be patient. It will take some time, but there will be a team here, with or without National Hockey Leaguewith investors. he is coming.

It’s a project that is now absolutely necessary, says Laura Stacy, to ensure her sport thrives.

The confrontations between Canada and the United States on the international scene always give a high performance, but they do not guarantee the development of the next generation.

There are only about 50 girls selected for the US and Canadian national teamsLaura Stacy remembers. But others need a structure with a good capacity to develop, and perhaps make the team in four years. Players in the national teams also need a good level of competition to push themselves to be at their best.

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