Women’s National Hockey League changes its name

Becomes First Hockey Federation (PHF). The department wants to be determined by the quality of the athlete, not by their gender. It became the first in North America to remove any reference to the gender of these athletes in its name and logo.

Premier Hockey League relies on some of the best professional athletes in the world who deserve to be recognized for their skills and considered equal in the sport.Commissioner Tyler Tomenia said.

I understand and am glad that I no longer have to define ourselves as mathematicians. Now we define players by their skills and what they bring to the game. It’s about realizing that regardless of gender, athletes are talented.Metropolitan Riders captain Madison Packer added.

PHF has five teams in the United States, the Buffalo Beauts, Boston Pride, Connecticut Whales, Minnesota Whitecaps and Riveters, as well as one team in Canada, the Toronto Six.

According to the league, his popularity level peaked last season, despite the challenges of the pandemic. He won his trophy, the Isobel Cup, on a national radio station, and the maximum salary was doubled to $300,000.

League activities will resume on November 6.

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