Women’s Hockey World Cup | Great win for Canada

(Calgary) Natalie Spooner scored two goals and added an assist to Canada’s 7-0 win over Germany in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Hockey Championship on Saturday.

Donna Spencer
Canadian Press

Thanks to the performance of one goal and two assists, Melody Dust has topped the competition rankings with four goals and six assists. Spooner follows with four goals and five assists.

Ashton Bell, Mary-Philip Pauline and Sarah Filler each provided a goal and an assist. Brianna Jenner scored the other goal for Canada, finishing the opening round with a record of four wins and three defeats, ahead of the United States (3-1) in Group A.

On the web for Canada, Emerson Mashmeyer faced only three shots as the Canadians directed 52 pages to Francisco Alp and Sandra Abbriter.

Paul missed the opening round game against the United States on Thursday after receiving a powerful shot in the chest. Canada still won the match 5-1 with their biggest rivals.

The Canadians were expecting the end of the final match of the quarterfinals between Finland and the Czech Republic on Saturday night to face either Switzerland or the Czech team in the semi-finals on Monday.

Knight Double Granado

In another quarterfinal match on Saturday, Hillary Knight broke the record for most points by an American player with the help of two points at the Women’s World Championships and a 10-2 victory over Japan.

Knight first equalized Cami Granado’s 78-point lead by finding the back of the net in the first engagement. He broke the record with an assist in the second period before adding the second goal of the game in the third period.

Photo by Jeff Mensintosh, Canadian Press

The United States defeated Japan 10-2 in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Hockey Championship.

In the history of the Women’s World Hockey Championship, Knight finished third behind Canadians Haley Wickenheiser (86) and Jeena Heford (83).

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Alex Carpenter and Grace Zumwingle scored two goals for the United States, who are looking forward to their sixth consecutive victory in the women’s world.

Megan Keller, Brianna Decker, Caroline Harvey and Danny Cameronesi finished for the U.S. team, finishing 61-12 on goal.

Agane Shika scored both goals for Japan.

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The rise of Switzerland

In the first game of the day, Laura Zimmerman scored in extra time, as Switzerland beat Russia 3-2 to advance to the semifinals.

Zimmermann beat Switzerland 5:29 in extra time in the 4th quarter.

Thanks to goals from Elizaveta Rodnova and Ilona Markova, Russia took a 2-0 lead after the first period.

Evelina Russelli closed the gap at 9:30 of the third period, followed by Pope Stans 2:16 with the rest of the time.

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