Women’s Hockey World Cup | Canada faces the United States in the final

(Calgary) Melody Toost scored two goals in Canada’s 4-0 win over Switzerland in the semifinals of the World Women’s Hockey Championship on Monday.

Donna Spencer
Canadian Press

On Tuesday, Canada will be the reigning champions of the tournament, with the Americans crossing the swords in the final. The United States closed Finland 3-0 today.

Canada, who lost to Finns in the semifinals of the 2019 tournament, returned to the final, eventually securing the bronze medal. This is the first time in the history of the competition that representatives of the maple leaf have not made it to the finals.

The Americans are looking forward to the sixth and ninth consecutive titles at the last 10 World Women’s Hockey Championships. Canadians have not won since 2012.

Renata Fast amassed a goal and an assist for Canada, who were unbeaten from the start of the match. Rebecca Johnston also scored as Mary-Philip Pauline collected two assists.

Ann-Renee Desperation was perfect 10 shots ahead. Andrea Brandley found more rubber in front of Switzerland’s goal, returning 61 of the 65 shots aimed at her.

The 2020 World Women’s Hockey Championship was canceled due to the Govt-19 epidemic. The 2021 tournament was postponed to August and relocated to Coalfield after Nova left Scotia.

Dust dominates the tournament with six goals and six assists, ahead of his teammate Natalie Spooner (four goals and five assists).

In the opening round, Canada easily defeated the United States 5-1 to win Group A 4-0. In the quarterfinals, the Canadians beat Germany 7-0.

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The Swiss team is in last place in Group A with a 0-4 record. However, they beat Russia 3-2 in extra time on Saturday.

Switzerland defended most of the game in their zone. He was knocked out 5-0 by Canada in the opening round.

The Swiss have reached the ace for the third time in tournament history. They won the bronze medal in 2012 and the fourth title in 2018.

Finland will face Switzerland for the bronze medal, while Russia will face Japan in the fight for fifth place.

At the start of the day, Alex Carpenter, Abe Murphy and Kendall Coin Schofield, the latter on the empty net, were the scorers for the United States.

Photo by Jeff Mensintosh, Canadian Press

The Americans celebrate the victory over Finland and qualify for the finals of the Women’s Hockey World.

Nicole Hensley turned 14 pages; Annie Kisala faced 33 shots.

The carpenter deflected a shot from Lee Steklin in the middle of the second period. Within five minutes, Murphy moved the ropes with a low shot.

Finland did not get a shot in the fin-on-three at the start of the first period. At the end of the engagement, Susanna Dabani’s shot hit the post.

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