Women will win as much as men at the National Bank Open in 2027

We haven’t seen how we’re going to be able to get there. We had the impression that the gap continued to widen. It’s a great pride. Players have been waiting for this news for a long time!says Montreal Canadian Championship Director Valerie Tetro.

The tournament also strengthened its standings for its women’s and men’s divisions, increasing the duration of the Montreal and Toronto tournaments from 7 to 12 main draw days by 2025, excluding Olympic years.

Women who compete in the Canadian Open will receive the same scholarships as men in 2027. Details with Jean-François Poirier.

With equal purses in 2027 and a 12-day format, the National Bank Open will now be part of a select club of tournaments, along with the Indian Wells, Miami and Madrid tournaments. Those in Rome, Cincinnati and Beijing just got an extended schedule.

Last year, champion Simona Halep received less than half the payout to men’s champion Pablo Carreno Busta: $439,700, compared to $915,295. The total amount of scholarships awarded to women currently represents only 32% of the scholarships awarded to men.

That percentage should increase to 60% in 2025, 78% in 2026, and 100% in 2027. The total cash for the Women’s Championship will then be at least $10 million, an increase of 350% in 4 years. As confirmed by Tennis Canada.

It’s a great day for professional tennis in CanadaGavin Zeff, Chief Tournament Officer and Senior Director of the National Bank Open Toronto, said in the press release.

Get scholarships equalNBO It is an important step in Tennis Canada’s plan to create greater employment opportunities for women’s tennisAnd explains Valerie Tetro, who will experience her baptism of fire August 4-13 when the women come to the IGA stadium.

The announcement is something that pleased Canadian US Open runner-up 2021 Laila Annie Fernandez.

Scholarship equality has been a topic of discussion ever since it hit the racket, Lavalloise announces in a press release. I am thrilled, as an active Canadian player, to experience history before my eyes and to be a part of this great moment for women around the world. Achieving parity in tournaments at home and elsewhere is very important to me.

Twelve days instead of seven

men’s arenaATP He had already announced last year that some tournaments, including the National Bank Open, would now have a 12-day main draw with a structure similar to that of the Grand Slam tournaments.

Thus, the number of participants in the main draw will increase from 56 to 96 for both women and men.

We fall into the club of little more than choice. Montreal fans should be proud. Honestly, it is also thanks to the spectators who come year after year. There are people in the stands from Monday morning until the final. It’s a little bit like that, the brand of heroism. This is how Montreal has set itself apart from other leagues on the international stageValerie Tetro adds.

Gavin Zeff also praised VisionATP And from here Professional Tennis Players Associationbut also pays homage to the Canadian Tennis Club staff, volunteers, and supporters.

A longer tournament will inevitably force fans to adjust to a new schedule.

The final game is expected to be played in the middle of the week, possibly on Wednesday or Thursday evening so that Cincinnati can start its tournament. Both tournaments are held over three weeks. The calendar is busy. Our window is between Wimbledon and the US OpenHe remembers the former player who thought this formula should appeal to the masses.

The transformation is also made possible by financial support from the federal government in the amount of $20 million under the Major Festivals and Events Support Initiative.

Will the facilities be on par for a larger tournament?

We have one of the smallest sites for a tournament of this category, notes Tétreault. Still sufficient for the time being, in terms of reception capacity. Look how we can grow from within. Going from 56 to 96 players is still a nice increase. You must be creative.

The recipe for getting there

there Professional Tennis Players Association It recently reached an agreement with the CVC Fund to create a new entity, WTA Ventures, thus centralizing the trading rights and assets of the circuit (broadcasts, bets, sponsorships, etc.). The CVC Fund is already in place for many sports, including football, rugby and cricket. according to The New York Timesthe fund will invest 207 million in its partnership with Professional Tennis Players Association.

All of this means more money for the Canadian Championship, which it intends to use to significantly reduce the scholarship gap between women and men.

Valerie Tetro tips her hat to leaders Professional Tennis Players Association.

The centralization of all commercial rights is the kind of flash of genius we needed from Professional Tennis Players Association. This new strategy allows us to create more money and revenue to pay our players.

For its part, the National Bank, the main sponsor, will inject more money into Help bridge the gap over the next few years and provide equal staffing for women and men from 2027as stated in the press release from the Canadian Tennis Association.

This news comes the same year as the 50th anniversary of the creation of The Circle of Women by Billie Jean King, who, like so many others, continues to stand up for justice.

Without the extraordinary work of Billie Jean King, of the Pioneers of the Nine (original nine), Venus Williams and many other players on their heels, we wouldn’t be here today, confirms Canadian and 2019 US Open champion Bianca Andreescu. It’s very exciting to think that by 2027 we’ll officially have equal salaries and the players of tomorrow will benefit from all the hard work that made today possible.

Valerie Tetro, who left the women’s tennis circuit in 2010 in her early 20s, thinks of all those who could not benefit from this infusion of cash.

I wish this news had come out while I was playing, but hey, better late than never!

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