Women are calling themselves to NHL 22

“finally !” Many fans of the EA SPORTS NHL Series will cheer. The company announced today that it will soon be possible to play with women’s national hockey teams, including superstars Mary Philip Pauline (Canada) and Hilary Knight (US), in the NHL 22.

Featured Image: Courtesy, EA SPORTS

This is the first time in the history of this video game franchise. Everything should be possible at the beginning of 2022, EA indicated, with the determination that it would be possible to play the Women’s World Hockey Championship.

The introduction of the women’s national teams into the NHL 22 will be an important moment for the franchise in its ongoing efforts to reflect the diversity of the hockey community,” said Shaun Ramgsing, vice president and general manager of EA SPORTS.

And that’s not all! Another addition that the community has been calling for for many years will be made. International logos and T-shirts will be updated. Gone are the days of flags and fancy costumes!

It will also be possible to play the World Junior Hockey Championship as well in early 2022.

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