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In the UK, a young woman suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder was able to rely on her dog’s support during her delivery.

A helper dog in the delivery room

Childbirth is always an exceptional event. Charlotte Beard, 24, could not say otherwise. The Sunday Times reports that the young woman gave birth to a baby boy.

To help her, she was able to trust the overwhelming support: her dog, Plum, was authorized to help her during her delivery. First in the United Kingdom.

The new mother, who lives in the south of the UK, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and heart disease. Before giving birth to her baby, Charlotte had three miscarriages.

To reassure her in her daily life, she received training to diagnose her Pichon Maltese when seizures were imminent.

50 hours long delivery

During this delivery, which lasted 50 hours, her assistant dog was supportive of her: “The thought of having to spend such an important time in my life, and the most vulnerable time for me, I do not think is possible without plumb.” , He said in newspaper columns.

During this time, Charlotte’s assistant, Plumb, made sure to have regular breaks to feed and stretch his legs.

It was a doctor who suggested Charlotte find a service dog to gain self-confidence.

So the young mother followed the advice of her coach and adopted Flamb at the age of ten weeks.

Today, the new mother believes that help dogs can often be allowed with women in the delivery room.

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