Wojo will develop the Mama Works brand

Mama Works Lyon, the first location opened by Mama Shelter’s co-working version.

Wojo has partnered with Mama Shelter to co-develop the brand for the Mama Works hotel brand. And that, with the brand licensing now owned by the Flexible Workplace Specialist Mama Works published in France and EuropeUnited Kingdom included. The merger makes sense because the two companies are part of the Accor group: Wujo As a joint venture in partnership with Bouygues Immobilier, while Mama Shelter Incorporated into Ennismore, a subsidiary of the French group dedicated to developing its lifestyle offering.

Launched in 2017, Mama Works has so far experienced a moderate pace of development, and the co-working version of the lifestyle chain now has two addresses in France: Near La Part-Dieu station in Lyon and Bordeaux, in the Bassin-a-Flot area. Keys REIM properties, through which Wojo has signed new commercial variable lease lease agreements, these two locations have already been integrated into the Wojo Network.

On the contrary, Mama Works was also present at night Until recently, within the high-tech campus of Euratechnologies. But, due to its location and because Wojo already had a facility in the northern capital, this location is Outside Mama Works With the acquisition of the brand. In addition, outside of France, a mam-sealed co-working space has also appeared LuxembourgInside the walls of Mama’s shelter. Small in size and hotel-run to offer above all a business service to travel professionals, Mama Works is not of a particular kind in the direction that the brand will take under Wojo’s stewardship.

A new dynamic for Mama Works

Our desire to develop Standalone sitesindependent of Mama Shelter Hotels, identifies Stefan Bensimon, CEO of Wojo. Even if we do not prevent ourselves from developing Mama Works within chain organizations, but on the condition that they can provide large areas so that we can carry out our expertise in operating and marketing private offices and meeting rooms.

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Backed by the French leader in co-working spaces, fully focused on its core business, new dynamic You should begin to expand the offer of Mama Works. ” Wojo has proven its ability to grow its network; to open and operate new flexible workspaces in Europe; To attract and retain new customers. Experience that Mama Works will be able to use to strengthen herselfsaid Cedric Jubilard, general manager of Mama Shelter.

Created around the same time, Wojo and Mama Works share this desire, each in their own way of “lifestyle” of office life with Contemporary design workspaces And friendly meeting points. Like, for example, Cafet Frichti, which was recently developed within the new Wugo Paris Montparnasse. However, with its DNA modeled on the funky and contemporary atmosphere of Mama Shelter and His experience in eventsMama Works adds new chains to the Wojo bow. ” Mama Works offers us a lot of complementary things to our offer and we offer our expertise in terms of organization, to treat Marketing‘, describes Stephane Bensimon.

By adding a second brand to its brand portfolio, as well as co-working spaces developed within Accor hotels, Wojo is expanding its capabilities to continue its growth. Like, for example, one of its main competitors in the field of joint work – the IWG, which is developing, among other things Brands Regus, Spaces and HQ -, but also hotel groups that double as brands, Wojo will be able to Play more tables To reach customers and site owners. “Depending on the location, Mama Works and her own mindset may be more appropriateStephan Bensimon explains. Moreover, if we already have Wojo in town, it opens up new opportunities”, describes Stephane Bensimon. Although the Mama Works development plan is still in the works, there is no doubt that cities other than Bordeaux and Lyon will soon see the emergence of Mama Works.

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