Within 24 hours, this adrenaline rush-inducing series becomes #1 in the top

Decided to curl up on your couch this weekend watching your favorite shows? Why not try discovering a new series instead? This offer should not leave you indifferent: night agent, which ticks all the boxes for fans of the adrenaline-seeking spy series, joined the Netflix catalog on March 23. Just 24 hours after it was published on the platform, this program – which consists of ten episodes of 45 minutes each – has already found its audience. And for good reason, in the order of the series, This culminates first place !

night agent : The White House is linked to a conspiracy

Reminder, night agent Adapted from the book of the same name written by Matthew Kirk, a 42-year-old author who graduated from Harvard University. there The series was created by Sean Ryan. If the name of the model is unknown to you, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, it is particularly found on the back SWATAnd Khalida And also what is not forgotten Shield. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, and you want to know more about the story, here’s a little synopsis. night agent He has a hero An FBI agent named Peter Sutherland He is played by Gabriel Basso, a 28-year-old American actor. One day, at the request of the President of the Presidential Cabinet, he was invited to the White House. will make it Great job offer. The young man will be given the task of answering the emergency telephone located in the basement. This new job will introduce him to a woman he will protect. A job that is far from comfortable, which will make him aware of its existence A huge conspiracy linked to the White House

night agent : netizens of angels

A few hours after launch night agent On Netflix, many subscribers of the streaming platform have already commented on Twitter. Among the reviews mentioned are the following: Serial night agent, it’s really good”And night agent, I like it a lot, it rave a lot”And night agent On Netflix, it’s a nugget. I adore!”And I started night agent, So far I really like it.” or night agent, But very good! “ Only you are missing!

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