With the pandemic, retailers have conquered the Internet

Online sales are on the rise. In Belgium, the total turnover is 11.46 billion dollars. But what we will remember is the increase in multi-channel brands.

Not surprisingly, the epidemic and measures to reduce pollution have strengthened Internet business.

In 2020, total business volume European e-commerce By 24%, to 573 billion euros. If we limit ourselves to transnational transactions (excluding travel), the number shows a record increase of 35% to 146 billion.


One billion euros

In Belgium, e-commerce has a total volume of 11.46 billion euros versus 3.5 billion cross-border sales.

About 60% (more than 87 billion euros) is registered by European Union actors. While the UK dominates the ranking with € 33 billion in online sales, Germany is showing the strongest growth (+ 43%). in a Belgium, Global e-commerce trade volume is 11.46 billion euros, compared to 3.5 billion cross-border sales.

Sweden, the queen of the Internet

In such a context, cross-border trade made Europe a roster 500 of the best European online stores online.

There are four Swedish brands in the top ten, dominated by Ikea (+ 11% turnover), H&M and Pandora in seventh place points, Swiss expert team, Located in Belgium Across brands of devices Excellent And the Expert brand.

The leading Belgian retailer is ranked 75th with Smartphoto. Maxitoys comes in at 101st, but we’re also noticing in large quantities Leonidas (244), AS Adventure (428) or Brico (475).

Winning strategy

In fact, with stores closed and confined, “retailers have shifted dramatically to the web, with priority being given to expanding cross-border trade through their online stores,” as one of them explains in Cross-Border Trade. Europe. This shows an increase of 45% (up to 70% in the fourth quarter) in e-commerce.

And Fashion It represents the most popular category (half of the top 500 companies), but it lost 15% of its total sales (online and in stores) in 2020. “The massive increase in online sales has not been able to compensate for the long closures of physical stores.”

Retailers who specialize in food Its overall sales have seen a growth of over 10%.


One billion euros

This is the amount that e-commerce across European borders (excluding travel) could reach in 2022, compared to 146 billion euros in 2020 (+ 51%).

The future of e-commerce

according to Cross-border trade in EuropeThus, online commerce has benefited from anti-Coronavirus measures, but also from Brexit. Bodes well for the future.

Thus the estimate predicts B. European cross-border e-commerce (Still excluding travel) from 146 billion euros in 2020 to 220 billion euros in 2022. An increase of 51%.

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