With Game Portal, Samsung has set out to beat gamers

  • Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Game Portal, an online store focused on gaming hardware and content
  • The Game Portal will provide a wide variety of content, including game information, reviews, and more, and will be accessible through Samsung’s website in about 30 countries.
  • Samsung also plans to offer discounts on select game bundles and various regional purchase incentives, including the Odyssey gaming monitor and Neo QLED 8K products.

Samsung is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of gaming. However, the South Korean electronics giant has integrated a number of gaming-oriented services into its software and hardware. youngest, Game Portal, is an online store focused on hardware and games.

What is Samsung Game Portal?

The game portal will be available Via Samsung website in thirty countries. It will serve as an online store where users can browse and purchase Samsung devices, including monitors and SSDs, as well as game-related content.

Samsung says it’s designed Game portal to provide users with a variety of content, including game information, reviews, and more. says Evelyn Kim, Executive Vice President of D2C Center at Samsung Electronics

Games have become an important part of a consumer’s lifestyle, not just entertainment, especially for millennials and Gen Z … We will implement various initiatives to provide customers with a superior gaming experience, from purchase to use, by providing an environment that makes buying games-related products enjoyable And easy.

Samsung Game Portal is set to debut in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil in late June, with more regions to follow.

Samsung is also offering discounts on select gaming bundles, as well as a variety of regional purchase incentives on its Odyssey gaming monitor and Neo QLED 8K products.

A strategic issue for Samsung

With gaming now becoming a major part of consumers’ lifestyle, especially the younger generations, Samsung’s initiative to expand its presence in this segment is a strategic response to this shift in consumer behaviour.

By providing an enhanced user experience, attractive offers, and easy access to a range of gaming-related products, Samsung is positioning itself as the preferred resource for gamers.

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