With Android 12, the app will stop working on the smartphone

According to XDA-Developers findings and 9to5Google’s confirmation, the Android Auto mobile app will stop working on smartphones with the arrival of Android 12, in favor of the Google Assistant’s built-in Driving Mode.

Android Auto: With Android 12, the app will stop working on smartphones

Introduced at Google I/O 2014, Operating System Android Auto It has come a long way since then and is now an integral part of the automotive and connected experience. Two years later, the American group had the idea to develop a full-fledged application, which today can be found under the name “Android Auto for mobile”.

Except that the new driving mode built into Google Assistant that was published in 2019 was in the shadows. This popular function turns on automatically during the Google Maps trip, and allows access to many functions (start playlist, change track, send SMS, call) thanks to your voice.

2019, a turning point

Obviously, if you are familiar with using Google Maps, the experience will be more clear, smooth, and intuitive compared to a third-party app. Also in 2019, Mountain View announced that it would remove “Android Auto for mobile” before the rollback.

After two years, it looks like Google has finally decided to end the app. At the time of the launch of the latter, some users – cited by XDA Developers – I got an explicit popup: Android Auto is now only available for car screens. In other words, its mobile version will not be relevant.

from his side, XDA Developers Same experience with a single Pixel phone running Android 12. More tests were done, but ‘Android Auto for mobile’ worked just fine.

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Google confirms the news

However, Google has officially confirmed for 9to5Google The app will stop working with Android 12. Rest assured: older versions of the operating system will continue to support it. Only smartphones with Android 12 will ignore it.

So “Android Auto for mobile” was a temporary solution that was set to fall into oblivion. Android Auto will now work on its own.

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