With an increase in social contributions, conservatives see red

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In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday, September 7, an increase in community contributions. The Prime Minister wants to replenish the coffers of the public health care system weakened by the epidemic, but also to fund a major health reform. A tax hike that will make the Conservative camp jump, especially since it violates the head of government’s campaign promise.

With our correspondent in London, Claire Digiomy

Create better again Govt-19 Health System After Infection, a goal published by Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister announced that social contributions to employers and employees would increase by 1.25 points. For the latter, for example, they go from 12 to 13.25%. This is from next April.

The increase should make it possible to raise 42 42 million over the next three years. First, the public health service has been hit hard by the crisis and years of financial loss due to late payments from the NHS. Then, to support the coming reform in the care of the dependent people.

With this announcement, Boris Johnson is embarking on a dangerous political race as he breaks a campaign promise. During the 2019 Assembly elections, he openly promised not to start social contributions. So his decision has provoked the anger of the Conservatives, who oppose the tax increase, which they see as a betrayal.

The Prime Minister approves it: ” Yes, I am violating a project commitment, he said, But this epidemic is not in my plan either.

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