Winter storm in the US: His Tesla refuses to recharge due to cold

Will Freezing Temperatures Impede Tesla Charging? At least that’s what a resident of Lynchburg, East Virginia says. To our colleaguesThe insider He admitted his wrongdoings with his electric vehicle, which took place just hours before Christmas.

“Charging completely stopped”

Domenic Nati explains that he tried to recharge his Tesla Model S several times on Friday, December 23, but was unsuccessful. Even though winter had been hitting the United States for several days, it was only -7 degrees Celsius during its tests. Charged to 40% and connected to a supercharger, the vehicle didn’t even gain a few percent. “Two hours have passed and not much has changed. It was very slow and the numbers kept dropping as the temperature dropped. Eventually charging stopped completely”He explained.

After this first failed attempt, the man tried to recharge his car at home. On December 24 the driver tries again to charge his car at another supercharger: another failure. During this last test, the terminal displays the following message: “Battery is getting hot – plug in the charging cable. Even after waiting several hours for charging to start, its battery life did not increase.

Documenting his experience, Domenic shared a video of his botched attempt on TikTok.

The American failed to contact Tesla customer service, which could not have provided any response to his problem. Requested by The insiderThe manufacturer did not respond to this testimony.

Tesla recommends using a travel plan

In his guide “Best Practices in Extreme Cold”, Tesla distills suggestions for improving charging during harsh winter episodes. The manufacturer specifically recommends using a drip planer to avoid defects.

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“When you use the Trip Planner (if available in your area) to drive to a Tesla charging station, the Model 3 preheats the high-voltage battery so that by the time you reach the charger, the battery is at the optimal temperature and ready to charge. This cuts down on the time needed to recharge.”Details Tesla.

The company states that 30 to 45 minutes of use is necessary “Guaranteed battery temperature and optimal charging conditions”.

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