Winning time: Magic Johnson guarantees he won’t watch the series on the Lakers

Don’t count on Magic Johnson to watch “Winning Time” series on the dynasty of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, and the former glory of the NBA floor has claimed he has no intention of watching the series on US HBO.

Asked by a journalist from the American website TMZMagic Johnson wasn’t too excited about the launch of the series next March, which will return to the sporting and cultural phenomenon that the Lakers experienced in the United States. He also reveals that he and current team owner Jenny Boss – who will also be on the series directed and produced by Adam McKay – both have a serial project on the same topic.

“We have a different series in the works. I have one. Jenny Boss has one with Showtime coming out soon. Asked if Winning Time had his blessing when production started, former Lakers playmaker Magic Johnson says if Winning Time had his blessing when production started, he avoids answering.” Je ne suis pas impatient de voir ca, je vais m’en tenir à ca», lâche-t-il, avant de confirmer n’avoir aucune intention de lookinger la série, dont la bande annonce a été publiée il ya seulement a few weeks.

Winning Time will follow how Jerry Buss, the eccentric owner of the legendary basketball team, succeeded in building a dynasty in the frenzy of the ’80s in Los Angeles. The cast is captivating, with John C. Reilly as Jerry Boss, Quincy Isaiah as Irvine ‘Magic’ Johnson, Jason Clarke as Jerry West, Hadley Robinson as Jenny Boss, or Adrien Brody as Pat Riley.

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