Windows 11, some taskbar missing won’t be fixed anytime soon

Windows 11 has been the big star in Microsoft’s catalog since October 2021. The giant sells its advantages in terms of safety, performance, and

Unfortunately, it has problems and drawbacks. If Redmond generally promises to address some of the shortcomings, others will not find a solution right away. One of the main concerns of this operating system has to do with its taskbar. It is not an evolution of the evolution of Windows 10. Microsoft started from scratch so that there are not many useful things anymore. For example, the contextual menu no longer exists, the drag and drop does not work, nor the ability to move it.

Windows 11 22H1 feature update plans to introduce “drag and drop” but Microsoft has confirmed that it won’t add an option to move the taskbar up, left or right. It is clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen and there are no plans to offer another layout.

Windows 11 and the taskbar

It’s a common improvement, but it’s not on the company’s priority list. The company mainly focuses on improving its experience while adapting it to the environment of tablets or touch screen computers. In a recent Windows Insider webcast, the development team confirmed that there are no plans for the feature to change the taskbar’s location.

It was explained that the latter was developed from the beginning so that choices were necessary to prioritize the important features that would be introduced first. Statistics will show that few people are using the taskbar at the top, left or right. The position at the bottom of the screen will be the most common. Thus, the option to modify this situation will not be a priority.

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The Windows 11 taskbar has been a sensitive topic of controversy since the operating system’s launch. If it provides a new experience, it essentially removes the simple and essential functions from the Windows experience. Perhaps the worst is the lack of drag and drop.

At the moment, Windows 11 is optional. Windows 10 is supported until 2025.

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