Windows 11 now lets you type text with your voice

Windows 11 Virtual Keyboard adds Voice Access functionality for all Insider members. The feature that allows you to control the operating system by voice allows you to type text by speaking voice commands. For this, each key is associated with a number.

Credits: Microsoft

In future updates, Windows 11 It looks like he wants to emphasize accessibility. In fact, we were talking to you last month Many new features brought by the latest big updater from the operating system. Among them, in particular, Voice Access, which is a feature to control your computer using voice commands. The latest Insider build, 22538, expands the latter to the virtual keyboard.

Its action is very similar to the one presented in December. By opening the virtual keyboard, Each key is assigned a number, from 1 to 49. All the user has to do is say “Click 30” for Windows to type the letter V, and so on. In the same way, it is very easy to add a number or an emoji to its text. Enough to allow people with motor disabilities or blindnessUse their computer like everyone else.

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The latest version of Windows 11 integrates Voice Access with the virtual keyboard

Microsoft provides details of the keyboard opening and closing commands, i.e. simply “open virtual keyboard” and “hide virtual keyboard”. Note that these have been translated from English and that their French version may vary between now and for the general public. In addition, Redmond adds that its application Speech Parks is available in her store to “Device-based speech recognition that delivers better transcription performance.”

Version 22538 also includes other new features, such as New, more modern design of task manager, plus some minor changes, including Several bugs have been fixed. To install the update, you will first need to join the Windows Insiders Program. You can find all the news in the blog post published by Microsoft.

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source : Microsoft

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