Windows 11: Microsoft releases an update, AMD CPU performance drops again


Some AMD processors were already seeing performance drops of up to 15% under Windows 11. Since Tuesday’s OS update, the situation is getting worse for Ryzen. AMD is planning two fixes, one of which was released on Windows Update.

None suitable for AMD processors, Already affected under Windows 11 due to a decrease in performance Up to 15% in games.

According to TechPowerUp, the first cumulative update (KB50006674) increases L3 cache latency in the Ryzen 7 2700X. Normally around 10 seconds under Windows 10, it dropped to 17 nanoseconds during the transition to Windows 11. Since the release of the first cumulative update under Windows Update, this latency is still gaining ground and now stands at 31.9 nanoseconds on this processor.

AMD has communicated on social networks about this.  © r / destiny2sk

AMD has communicated on social networks about this. © r / destiny2sk

AMD was quick to respond on social media by making sure to release a patch on October 21 to correct what appears to be a “preferred cores” (UEFI-CPPC2) bug. The L3 cache error will be corrected by the cumulative update, which is scheduled for release on October 19 via Windows Update.

The timing is not particularly welcome for AMD, which is slated to release its 12th generation Intel Alder Lake Core processors in early November. Intel and Microsoft have also worked actively to ensure that the new Intel architecture is fully supported by Windows 11.

This prepares for sleepless nights for testers to compare AMD and Intel processors as objectively as possible.

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