Windows 11 Build 22621.730 and 22623.730 are coming, what’s new?

Microsoft is the origin of a new “preview” of Windows 11. It’s posted on the Insider Program’s BETA channel. We have two versions that allow new functions to be activated or deactivated.

Concretely, Windows 11 version 22623.730 and build 22621.730 are now available for download. In the first case we have an operating system with new features enabled while in the second case they are not.

Windows 11 in tablet mode, two new taskbar states

One of the highlights is about the taskbar. After its removal, Microsoft decided to reintroduce an optimized version for tablets. Giant Explains

We’re reintroducing the touch-enhanced taskbar that’s designed to make you feel more confident and comfortable when using your device as a tablet.

The taskbar will automatically switch to this enhanced version when you detach or fold the keyboard of your 2-in-1. This feature only works on devices that can be used as tablets. It does not work on laptops or desktop computers.

It operates in two states, shortened or extended. In the minimized state, it is no longer visible which leaves more space on the screen while reducing the risk of it being accidentally activated when handling the tablet. In the extended state, it has been improved to be easier to handle by touch. You can switch between the two states by swiping up and down.

Windows 11 build 22623.730 and Build 22621.730 Bug fixes

In parallel, we have small updates to the system tray. This is not new because tests have been done for a while on the DEV channel on it. This relates to the round focus and hover over all icons. Note that it is not possible to drag and drop or rearrange these new system tray icons. The error is known and Microsoft is working to fix it.

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Finally, we have several bug fixes and improvements, some of which target the popular File Explorer app. For example, main search now shows recent cloud file activity in the detail view. Microsoft 365 cloud files can be searched using additional file properties such as location, extension, and file activity. In addition, the results are displayed as you type. Thus the full page of search results is refreshed directly without having to press Enter. Added to this are three fixes for the Start Menu.

The operating system comes with several known issues, the vast majority of which are related to the improved taskbar of the tablet.

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