Windows 11 and KB5014019, a problem appears, evaluation

Cumulative Update for Windows 11 KB5014019 has been released for a few days. It offers several fixes, but problems appeared. Some users are victims of failure.

Microsoft released a new cumulative update for Windows 11, KB5014019, earlier this week. Optionally, it is necessary to go to Windows Update to start the download and installation manually.

Its content is quite interesting with some notable changes, one of the most important is related to the desktop. Spotlight has been published. Obviously, Microsoft brings “Windows in the spotlight” right on the desktop.

Windows 11 and KB5014019, what should we remember from this important optional update?

Windows 11 and KB5014019, compatibility issue appears with Trend Micro

Unfortunately, it appears that devices on which KB5014019 is deployed are having issues. Compatibility issues have arisen with Trend Micro products.

The company explains in a recent technical support

Trend Micro is aware of the compatibility issue between the User Mode Hook (UMH) component of many Trend Micro endpoint solutions and the latest optional preview patches for Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 (KB5014019) released May 24, 2022.

The UMH component used by many Trend Micro server and endpoint security products is responsible for some advanced features such as ransomware protection.

Trend Micro is aware of an issue where customers who apply the optional preview patches for Microsoft Windows 11 or Windows 2022 (KB5014019) restart and then find that the Trend Micro UmH driver has failed.

Trend Micro adds that its teams are working to fix the issue. At the moment we do not have an exact timetable. However, the goal is to release it before next Tuesday when KB5014019 content will be automatically rolled out.

Trend Micro is currently looking into this issue in more detail in order to resolve it before an optional Windows patch becomes mandatory. Customers who have already applied the optional Windows patch can either temporarily uninstall the patch or contact Trend micro support for further assistance with the UMH debugging module.

As we have indicated, KB5014019 is an optional cumulative update that does not download and install automatically.

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